La Mesa De Domino

I remember as a child watching the old men play the games of dominoes on the streets. I thought I would never play that boring game.

Lo and behold a few decades later I am the one playing dominoes. The environment has changed; I don't play on the streets. That's more because of where I live than preference. I have learned to love the game and appreciate the nuances, strategies and fellowship the game provides.

The game has changed some from when I was a kid, we never saw women playing in the streets. But I have met some women who are as good at the game as any man. When I was a kid, I thought the game was dying and that it would not survive that generation. I am very happy it did not, it continues to thrive among so many cultures. The game is played by so many people in so many ways I now realize it will never die. As I play dominoes with my granddaughter, I realize it is more than just a game, it is time well-spent bonding with that precious child.

For me, the game now is about great memories and great times with my friends and family. We hope you enjoy your time playing with your friends and family. We make dominoes tables in part because we hope we can be a part of creating great memories for you.

This short video will show some of our domino tables.

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