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La Mesa de Domino


Welcome to La Mesa De Domino, which in English means “The Domino Table.” We decided to get into the domino table business for two reasons. First, we are very good at what we do, making custom furniture. We have been making custom furniture for 20 years. The second is, as an avid player and a custom furniture maker, I realized there are few high-quality domino tables in the marketplace. I wanted to create a table that was not plastic and had to be hidden away when not used. We make beautiful, functional domino tables constructed to the highest standards. Your table is made to provide you with many years of memories.

As a custom furniture maker, it would be our pleasure to create your unique table. If you want something unusual or unique, please contact us. We want to make it happen for you. All our tables are made in the USA in Orlando, Florida.


The things I value in my life are my God, my wife, and making furniture. I want the opportunity to make your domino table.


Thank you

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