La mesa de domino – The domino table


Welcome to la mesa de domino, which in English means The domino table.  We decide to get in the domino table business for two reasons First we are very good at what we do which is making custom furniture. You may be wondering what does custom furniture have to do with domino tables? Well I’m glad you asked.  As an avid player and a custom furniture maker it occurred to me that there are very few high quality domino tables on the market.  Which leads me to the second reason, I can make a high quality domino table anyone could admire and play on. Our tables are not made of wood. They are made of an identifiable species of wood. They are solid wood through out with the exception of the playing surface which is made of 1/2 ” plywood covered by either a decorative wood laminate or a decal of your choice. We used fine furniture techniques to join the pieces together.  Our tables feature mitered corners, rounded edges built-in domino holders. Some of our tables are offered with butt joints as well as the other features. We also offer modular tables and permanent display domino table. We also offer a portable table top domino table.

As a custom manufacture of furniture we do not consider it to be an inconvenience to accommodate your request.  We would love to accommodate your wishes. As such we offer our tables in a variety of stains cover with several coats of lacquer with a playing surface that has been finished with a  bar type epoxy finish.  If you don’t like the stains we offer and you can provide us with a color sample or a color type and we can acquire it we will finish it in that color. If you want it customized in some other way we would be happy to accommodate you.

The are a few things I really enjoy in my life, I love my God, I love my wife I love-making furniture and I love to play dominoes. I would love to make a domino table for you.

La mesa de Domino is a division of Figueroa’s Fine Custom Furniture

Thank you very Much

Ruben Figueroa

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